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Editor's Comment
Michael looks at:
Farewell, Shalom and Adieu

Being Jewish Magazine

see a .pdf copy of the current issue

An Open Letter from Abba to His Family

Enough With The Political Finger-Pointing!

Revisiting the Haggadah

Eddy's Recipe List
Victoria Sponge

Book Review
Unstrung Heroes

The Outspeaker
Encouraging violence is never correct

Good times and bad times with Batya

Nathan Weissler
What my friendship with Michael Hanna-Fein meant to me

Marjorie Wolfe
An Interview with Paul Reiser

BC's Backlot
The Last Shalom

This And That
My Treasure Chest

Three Symbols of Passover


Lynn Ruth Miller
How we all became part of a bigger story

Mel Yahre
A few words for my friend


Letters to the Editor
Michael D. Fein responds to e-mails from our readers.

Ask Rabbi Dan
If you are looking for advice or guidance through some of the vexing corners of jewish life, you can ask Rabbi Dan.

Eddy's Thoughts

Don't let life flutter by

The "Trail of Tears" remembered
A Springtime Poem
Spreading warmth where it is most needed.
The "choke point" in our crazy lives.
Floral beauty of summer
Eddy shares a springtime poem
A special recipe for a very special friend
On Valentine's Day, practical is not always bad
If anyone can help soothe a cold, wintry night, it's our Eddy
The Best of Times is Now!
Eddy shares a Thanksgiving poem
A table for all seasons
Making the New Year your own
The shandeh of schadenfreude

The Bear Facts

How I found Michael

Getting-by on adorableness
A relationship's "best before" date
Intimate commitments
Dealing with feelings
Is it Bashert?
Age is no measure of maturity
Sharon explains her process for resolving relationship conflicts.
Some men just need to grow up
What is the price of true love?
A case of flimsy priorities
The Jewish Match Game
Talking to impress; it rarely does
Are Jewish men turned-off by Jewish women?
Being between relationships



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