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by: Rabbi Dan S. Wiko PhD
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This Month...

Editor's Comment
Michael looks at:
Farewell, Shalom and Adieu

Being Jewish Magazine

see a .pdf copy of the current issue

An Open Letter from Abba to His Family

Enough With The Political Finger-Pointing!

Revisiting the Haggadah

Eddy's Recipe List
Victoria Sponge

Book Review
Unstrung Heroes

The Outspeaker
Encouraging violence is never correct

Good times and bad times with Batya

Nathan Weissler
What my friendship with Michael Hanna-Fein meant to me

Marjorie Wolfe
An Interview with Paul Reiser

BC's Backlot
The Last Shalom

This And That
My Treasure Chest

Three Symbols of Passover


Lynn Ruth Miller
How we all became part of a bigger story

Mel Yahre
A few words for my friend

Eddy's Thoughts
Don't let life flutter by

The Bear Facts
How I found Michael


An Interesting Question of Jewish Identity

What's in a name?

To Drive or Not to Drive on Shabbat

Shimon says: "Anglicize your yiddish name"

Is covering one's head in shul a tradition or Jewish law?

Seeking Help in Dealing With an Emotionally Repressed Family

Beloved Mother's Headstone

Mental Illness

Interfaith Marriage and Shiva

A Strapless Veil

Mikveh questions answered

Does eating meat contravene Jewish law?

Translating a name

A "race" of Jews

Meeting in the "other world"

A Question of Tribes


The Question of Homosexuality

Hebrew Names

The difference between a mensch and a tzaddik

Organ Donations

The Meaning Behind Jewish Names

Bar/Bat Mitzvah, is there a difference?

A Tragic Death in the Family

L' Chaim

Does G-d Punish Smokers?

Where is the O in G-D?

How is it Possible for a Kohanic Rabbi to Officiate at a Funeral?

Where is Our Jewish Pride?

Holiday confusion

What is a righteous Gentile?

How much fexibility is there with Shabbat Candle lighting times?

The evidence is "in"; we just need to understand it

The giving and taking of an honour

Jews and Jesus

Rabbi Dan answers a question about health

A special word for a compassionate woman

Questioning the rules of Kashruth

Sex before marriage?

Are we commanded to love evil parents?

Saying Kaddish.

The law concerning Kohain rabbis and funerals.

Is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah really an adult?

Must a Rabbi Officiate at an Unveiling

Tell Me About the "Shema."


Important dates

Michael answers almost all of them.

News article of interest to our community.


Tshatshkes, shmates and other shlok for the discriminating shopper.

Our  (real world) magazine

Interesting tidbits of jewishness


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