Rabbi Wiko was born in Shanghai China to parents who escaped from Nazi Germany. He first attended the Mir Yeshiva and then the Khadourie International School. Upon his arrival in New York in 1947, Rabbi Wiko was enrolled in Beth Hillel Torah Academy, attended a public High School and Baruch College, CCNY. He subsequently received an M.A. in Counseling and his PhD in Jewish Studies with a specialty in Mystical Philosophy.

Rabbi Wiko’s earliest desire was to become a rabbi but he put it off until he was able to find a seminary, the Rabbinical Seminary International that, although founded in traditional Judaic teachings, allowed for independent thought and expression of the belief that, despite the need for the maintenance of Traditional teachings, the needs of the individual person must also be acknowledged and taken into account. He received Smicha “Yoreh Yoreh” (Teacher & Counselor) from that Institution.

His functioning as a Human Relations Consultant, Spiritual Counselor and Psychotherapist has kept Rabbi Wiko actively employed and has given him numerous resources with which to serve humanity in general and his clients in particular. He is a Baal Shachris at a modern Orthodox Shul, a Chaplain and Deputy for the Sheriff's Department,a Kiwanian, an Officer of a Jewish Community Council and sits on various other Councils, Boards and Panels. He is a speaker on the lecture circuit on such topics as Mysticism, Spirituality, Religion as well as other Philosophical subjects.

Rabbi Wiko is available for all Jewish Life Cycle events and needs. He is adept at counseling Holocaust survivors as well as their children. He will officiate only at marriages where both partners are, unquestionably, Jewish and have a GET if divorced.
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