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EDDY'S THOUGHTS 06 August 2009
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That Wasn’t Funny
by: Eddy Robey M.A.
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I am getting to be an old lady. For many years, I have stumbled, goofed, and put my foot in my mouth. Most embarrassing moments? There have been hundreds of them. Thanks be to the people who helped me get up off the floor and try again. I remember with special gratitude, those who did not laugh at me, when they certainly could have had a good chuckle at my expense.

I received a piece of email involving something called "The Darwin Awards." It was a list of men who are dead because they made an error in judgment. I was supposed to laugh, but it wasn't funny. You see, I am the mother of a son. Thank G-d, my boy is safe and well, but I am sure that he too has made his share of mistakes. Each of the men named in this email had a mother, and I doubt that she would laugh about her loss.

I do not understand the mysteries of how we come to do things. The weekend before the email arrived, I was inspired to write the poem which follows. I have a notion that the most important business of our lives is to be loving with one another. Therefore, I offer a suggestion which I hope will be of use.


Is there a point in knowing who's to blame?
Does anything erase the need to care?
An aching wound is always quite the same,
Yet empathy is something all too rare.
Why do we seek to know the cause of pain,
Before we offer help to those in need?
We all cry for companions who are slain.
Each mortal man will know a time to bleed.
We had best try to dry another's tears,
Whene'er the chance to comfort comes our way.
There is a justice that comes with the years,
And each of us must take our turn to pray.
There is no matter why another man
Wants solace; we must give it if we can.

Copyright 2009 Eddy Robey


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