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Alteh Geferlekh Jokes Because life is too serious this is our ever growing collection of jokes
Ask Rabbi Wiko Rabbi Dan Wiko answers question about the practices, customs and laws of Judaism
Batya Out-of-the-Box Our Israeli correspondent gives us her views
BC's Backlot Brian Corleone looks at Showbiz
Book Reviews Books of interest to our community
Columnists Meet our current contributors
Eddy's Recipes We are lucky to have Eddy Robey's excellent collection of Kosher recipes
Eddy Robey Eddy Robey also seeks other qualities of life
Editor's Comments Our Editor Michael D. Fein has the opening word each month
Elliot Rothpearl Elliot grew up in the Yiddish theater of New York City and now lives in Florida
Evelyn's Spot Evelyn Levin is our voice from NYC
Farshteinen Marvin Blauer contributed to our publication from December 2002 to December 2004


Book Reviews
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The This and Thats

Letters What our family member and visitors write to the Editor
Lynn Ruth Miller The things that wander through her mind while she walks the dog
Megillah Family Photo Album Photos from our Megillah Family organized into five alphabetical groups
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Mission Statement What the Gantseh Megillah strives to do for our community
Music Reviews Reviews of recording aimed primaily at a jewish audience
Our Columnists Meet our current contributors
Printing Instructions Advise on how to print Megillah pages
Sports Tracks Lenn Zonder write about Jewish sports figures and issues
The Outspeaker Joel Wayne comments on his America
This and That Closing items of interest to our community
Tzedakeh Your help is needed to keep The Megillah going
Weekly Megillah Every week our Editor culls news items and features of interest to the Jewish community, and publishes a digest which he sends to our subscribers. If you would like to subscribe (it's free) you can do so here
Web Design Howard's Web Services designed The Gantseh Megillah and they also host our publication. Howard's Web Services hopes you enjoy The Gantseh Megillah
Wolfe Whispers Marge Wolfe looks at the rich tapestry of yiddish culture
Write to us Send a letter to the Editor
Yiddish Glossary We have an extensive collection of Yiddish words and expressions which we have organized into five alphabetical groups
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