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Issue: 12.05 this is column 355
May 25, 2011
My Treasure Chest

I have a treasure chest filled with wonderful memories; some sad moments; but basically a lifetime of one very lucky lady who doesn’t always appreciate just what’s inside that treasure chest.

As a child, my treasure chest was not filled with expensive toys; but rather much love from my family. I grew up appreciating that material objects were just objects; love filled your heart with joy.

Once married; my treasure chest began overflowing with indescribable moments of happiness. Shortly into my marriage; my first bundle of joy was born. My son was perfect; 10 little toes; 10 little fingers; but one huge appetite. No words can elaborate the feeling a first-time mother experiences. For me --- there is no greater joy in life than a child! My treasure chest now had a silver lining and was about to be filled …. slowly but surely.

My second bundle, another perfect son, arrived 2 years later --- another huge appetite to satisfy; a beautiful face to look at. The moments shared with my babies were truly treasures which no amount of money could buy. Then, a few years passed and after a miscarriage occurred; I gave birth to my beautiful and precious daughter …. my perfect family was created. The treasure chest lid was now closed to more newborns …. only delightful memories would now take place.

The years in between the bar-mitzvahs and sweet sixteen were ones never to be forgotten; bruised knees; homework; birthday parties blowing out candles and just sheer delight! How the years fly by … too quickly before we realize how the children grow up to become young adults and create their own lives. More years have passed and the treasure chest is re-organized to snuggle in two daughters-in-law and one son-in-law. Sounds perfect right? Well, life isn’t always that simple or perfect. Several years later my first magnificent granddaughter was born …. an event of a life-time no words can ever describe. Holding her after her birth was the most incredible five minutes of my life! My treasure chest couldn’t have been filled with better memories – okay maybe with many more babies! And it was. Our second granddaughter arrived a few years later … another perfect baby who shared the same huge appetite! Then the stork, a few years later, delivered my only grandson. Living miles away it was not always that easy to hug and kiss him when we so desired. But once he could speak; the telephone conversations and long distant hugs had to suffice in between the visits. Why, we ask, do all good things have to end. Unfortunately and suddenly, without any warning our precious grandson was taken from us at the age of eight. My treasure chest will never be the same.

Now the contents of my chest are even, if possible, more precious to me …. never taking anything or anyone for granted.

So, when you fill your treasure chest; take each individual item and truly treasure the moments you spend with that article. Don’t wait for the “tomorrows’ or “when if’s” …. love it and enjoy it now.

Spoil yourself with happiness, we only live once!

Elayne Kotler

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