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EDITOR'S COMMENT.10 January 2011
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Shalom My Gantseh Megillah Family and Friends,

As promised, the monthly Megillah has returned for the new year. 2010, as many of you know, was a very difficult year for both Arnold and me. Through it all we were determined to do our utmost to reach a point of sufficient improvement that would allow us to recommence our work.

I continue to use the term “us” when referring to my recovery because so many people, most especially my dear Arnold, have worked with me night and day to meet my needs build up my strength while maintaining my high morale. It is terribly difficult being dependent on others for one’s day-to-day needs. But as difficult and awkward as this situation can be, when the assistance is given with love and caring, the gratitude I feel is deep and I have difficulty expressing my endless  appreciation.

Our Megillah family has come through for us in countless ways. The cards, letters, donations, emails, visits and phone calls have touched me to the core. Ironically, we have just completed the holiday season of joy and giving, which I also found to be a real spirit booster. One particular example is a parcel I received containing a DVD of a remarkably prescient film.

Chris & Don is the story of a deeply committed relationship between two men. The "Chris" is Christopher Isherwood who is the author of the Berlin Stories which was later reincarnated as the musical Cabaret, and "Don" is his partner Don Bachardy; an artist thirty years Chris' junior. Back in those days, same-sex relationships were not as accepted as they have more recently become; but this never weakened their bond.

Arnold and I related strongly to this story and the pride we always felt concerning our lifelong partnership and eventual legal marriage here in Canada became even more intense. Needless to say we are grateful to have received such an appropriate and thoughtful gift. However, there was no card enclosed in the package and no identifying post mark. We have no direct way of conveying our gratitude to our benefactor, but we believe it was more than likely sent by a member of our beloved Megillah family. Hence I am using this forum to announce that this present has been received and we thank whoever it is who sent us this heart-warming gift.

As 2011 blooms I am happy to report that I continue to make slow but definite progress with my recovery. I thank each and every Megillah family member for their constant support and encouragement.

Arnold and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy, and most of all healthy, new year. We look forward to another year of publishing both the monthly and weekly Gantseh Megillahs.


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