This and That
Issue: 12.04  
April 18, 2011

Only two numbers after 68; but entering into a new decade …. is this old age? I can’t answer my own question; just surmise what it might feel like; or not feel like.

What I do know is that 40 is fabulous; 50 is almost fabulous; 60 is good (if healthy) and probably 70 is more mental - telling yourself everything is okay and ignore half of your aches and pains.

Being in my 60’s … as I am now …. can be very exciting and yet at times scary. The bones sometimes crack; the mind is forgetful and the stomach is somewhat enlarged! But hey; we’re alive and kicking …. well, trying to kick. What makes us unique is that we have lived many years and have encountered many, many experiences. Some we should have not attempted; some we completed successfully! Dating at 60 plus you ask? Maybe you shouldn’t. With a forgetful mind and somewhat enlarged belly; do you honestly think it’s easy!! Remember the phrase “it’s a man’s world”? Well, it still is. He can now be bald, stocky, hearing aids protruding from his ears; limping somewhat – but still wants sex! We (women) try to overcome some of our obstacles – ie. keeping our breasts as high up as possible; eating as little as possible during the day of our date to keep the stomach flat; try to remember to wear the “lacey” panties; and eliminate unwanted hair on our chin. You have to admit, it can be comical.

Another example of an “aging” disadvantage is not comical, but truthful. Ever hear yourself telling your partner “sorry dear, I can’t lie on my side, my hip is quite sore tonight” For that matter; the same could apply to your back. NO, I’m not insinuating your frolicking days are over …. E V E R !

I personally feel we can attribute most of the events in our lives to our own personal attitude – whether it be negative or positive. Unfortunately it takes many years (maybe close to the big “70”) to realize this. But do we really ever learn that our positive attitude will keep us healthier …