Michael D. and Arnold Hanna-Fein

Surprise, surprise!  This month's Shmuck(s) of the Month are your editor, and co-editor, Michael, and Arnold.

Why are we bestowing this dubious honour on ourselves you ask?  Well, let's just say it is because our little attempt at political humour seems to have backfired.  Permit me to explain.

Last January, when we introduced the new version of the monthly Gantseh Megillah, we attempted to add some new regular features to the mix. One of those features was a mock award to the "Shmuck of the Month." The person so honoured, each month, would be someone whose actions, or statements, caused embarrassment to the Jewish community, or made themself, as a Jew, look kinda foolish in our opinions.

Most of our readers who contacted us seemed to enjoy this little piece of narishkayt, and accepted it in the spirit in which it was intended.  Other members, however, wrote us scathing letters condemning our choices because they considered them disrepectful to fellow Jews.  Some even disliked the use of the word "shmuck."

We gave a lot of thought to this matter, and decided that in the interest of maintaining the familial, and friendly nature of our publication, we would discontinue the "Shmuck of the Month, feature, and name ourselves as the final recipents of this award. After all, we received more nominations than anyone else.

We thank everyone who contacted us with your reactions to this feature, and we hope you will continue to read, and comment on the contents of the Gantseh Megillah.

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