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Issue: 12.01 1/10/2011
Christmas and Florida Law

State Senator Gary Siplin (D-Orlando) has entered the following bill--S320 for consideration by the State Legislature this upcoming session:

19-00411-11                                                 2011320_

  1.                         Senate Resolution
  2. A resolution recognizing “Merry Christmas” as the
  3. State of Florida’s official greeting for December 25.
  5. WHEREAS, Christmas, a holiday of great significance to most
  6. Americans and many other cultures and nationalities, is
  7. celebrated annually by Christians throughout the United States
  8. and the world, and
  9. WHEREAS, on December 25 of each calendar year, American
  10. Christians observe Christmas, the holiday celebrating the birth
  11. of Jesus Christ, and
  12. WHEREAS, popular modern customs of the holiday include
  13. gift-giving, music, the exchange of greeting cards, a special
  14. meal, church celebrations, and the display of Christmas trees,
  15. lights, and nativity scenes, and
  16. WHEREAS, many Christians and non-Christians throughout the
  17. United States and the rest of the world celebrate Christmas as a
  18. time to cherish and serve others, NOW, THEREFORE,
  20. Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
  22. That “Merry Christmas” is recognized as the State of
  23. Florida’s official greeting for December 25.
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