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Issue: 11.05 5/25/2010
My March to Jerusalem

Greetings to all of the readers of 'The Gantseh Megillah'. I was asked by Michael if I would be interested in writing a small article concerning the 'March to Jerusalem', for he had never heard about this wonderful annual event. So I was quite excited to undertake this project, even when he told me on Monday afternoon that it had to be submitted for Saturday's deadline, in the morning yet! So here it is.

The 'March to Jerusalem' came to my attention while I did volunteer work at the Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR) in 1998, and in May of that year I registered and participated. I so enjoyed myself that I never forgot the wonderful time I had, and upon returning to Montreal two years ago, after a seven year absence in the United States, I made it a priority to again get involved with this event.

The idea of the 'March to Jerusalem' was first created in 1973 in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the State of Israel, by the Federation of CJA. This year marks it's 38th year, and is “Montreal's Jewish community's largest Walk A-Thon” which raises money for identity building programs for teenagers, and young adults, through the 'Bronfman Israel Experience Centre (BIEC). The money raised is used to subsidize worthy young people in their endeavors to explore their Jewish roots by partaking in the Israel experience programing through the BIEC.

The BIEC mission is to link the youth and young adults within the community to their Jewish identity via meaningful and absorbing Israel experience programs and informal Jewish education. This program made it possible for more than a thousand individuals to explore Israel in 2009. To find out more about the BIEC and it's programs, please check out their web-site at:

The uniqueness of the march is very special to me, for it is possibly the only way I'm ever going to live the "Israel experience." The route covers eight kilometers through the streets of Cote-Saint-Luc and Hampstead , with eleven check points that represents a city, town, or neighborhood in Israel today. Your passport gets stamped at each check point, and you continue on to the next destination. This year, I intend to research each city represented along the route, so I can allow my creative imagination to fill in the details of each city. This way I get to live the Israel experience!

The rewards of participating in the 'walk a-thon' will be extended to the hundreds of young people who will be enabled to grow in a sturdier understanding of their Jewish roots. Hopefully that deeper understanding will encourage them to take that next important step of their lives; 'Aliyah'. As King David once said “ Blessed be Jehovah G_d of Israel for ever and ever. And all the people said, Amen, and praised Jehovah.”

I would like to invite you to sponsor me for this most note worthy cause. If you are interested, contact me through my email at:, and I will send you a direct link to the 'March to Jerusalem' web-site where you can make a donation in my name (Clifford Wynn/Teichmann) or call me at: 514-655-1070. All donations will receive a tax deduction receipt from the organization.

And a special thank you to Michael for the opportunity and the privilege of writing for this publication, Shalom!

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