This and That
Issue: 11.03 3/12/2010

We all bear many losses in life
The passing of a husband or wife.

I look at the chairs, empty around the table,
Everyone gone, will I ever be able

Not to remember you ,especially at this time
To think of the years of joy when you were mine.

I shed a tear and wonder why
We had to say our sad goodbye.

I watch the flicker of the memorial candle
Dancing shadows on your picture on the mantle.

The candle burns and leaves a rosy glow
A tribute to those we cannot let go.

The doorbell rings, the room fills with glee,
I look at the chair meant only for me

I make the room and promise in my heart and soul
To never complain about serving one extra matzo roll

I want to gather my company with hugs and love and fun,
And I am putting off setting the table with a chair only for one.

By Rosalie Avigdor

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