Apples and Oranges
July 8, 2005
Abraham Amchin

Abraham Amchin is 81-years-young and has written a terrific mystery novel. Abe is a member of our Megillah family and lives in a senior residence where he and his friends enjoy reading our publication and exploring Yiddish culture. The following is Abe's own description of his book.

A peaceful retirement in a senior condominium for Lou and Dora is interrupted by news that something has happened at the clubhouse lake early Monday morning. Their friend, Yetta, who is a gossip and news gatherer of the community has found out that a body has been discovered floating in the condo’s lake. It is a mystery. Lou, Dora, and Yetta go to the clubhouse, ready to join their respective clubs: writing, ceramics, Mah Jongg, when they are approached by a friend of the past New York area (apple country). Henry, once a suitor of Dora, is in Florida (Orange country) as a police consultant. He and Lou (a former police photographer) had worked together in the past. They join the police in their investigation of the drowning and find clues.

They discover a reddish object (a rag)? A dirty slipper (orange color) , and footprints in the grass. All is sent to the lab. The body is removed from the lake, observed by residents, photos are taken by Lou, video and interviews are on local TV. An autopsy is ordered, as required by law.

Senior life is described throughout the story, including these everyday problems: hope, love, romance, family activities entertainment, clubs (writing, photography, computer, and more).] Medical problems are reviewed.

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