Published August-01-02
Eddy's Recipes from
It's Not Just Chicken Soup.
Kosher cooking by Eddy Robey M.A.
  Issue: 3.08
Italian Corn
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3 cups of cut Corn, fresh or frozen
1 large Onion, minced
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1 tablespoon Rosemary
1/3 cup Parmesan cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste
Pour the Olive Oil into a large skillet which has a lid.
Over a medium heat, cook the Onion and Rosemary together, until the onion is translucent.
Add the Corn, 1/4 cup Water, and stir.
Cover, and cook over medium heat, stirring once, for 8 minutes.
Uncover, sprinkle with Salt, Pepper, and Parmesan Cheese, and stir.

Copyright 2002 Eddy Robey
Excerpts from It's Not Just Chicken Soup.
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