Published August-01-02
Eddy's Recipes from
It's Not Just Chicken Soup.
Kosher cooking by Eddy Robey M.A.
  Issue: 3.08
Corn Fritters
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3 cups cut Corn, fresh or frozen
3 eggs, slightly beaten
3/4 cup Cracker crumbs
3/4 cup Self-Rising Flour Oil for frying
Combine the Flour and Cracker Crumbs.
Mix in the cut Corn.
Add the slightly beaten Eggs, and mix well. The batter will be thick.
Heat about a half-inch of Oil in a skillet.
Drop the Batter into the Oil, about a tablespoon at a time.
Fry until golden on one side, then turn and brown the other side.
Drain on paper towels, and serve immediately.

Copyright 2002 Eddy Robey
Excerpts from It's Not Just Chicken Soup.
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