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Joel WayneAs I write this I am watching what passes for news coverage of the off-year elections. Liberal news media are pooh-poohing what appears to be a Republican feel-good night. Well, perhaps not the Republican party of Javits, Snowe, Collins, and Specter, but certainly the party of Palin, Army, Dement (sic), and Gingrich. The tea baggers and their ilk came out to vote, and the young and minorities stayed home. The people who voted in droves to elect a president who ran on a message of hope and change stayed home and played video games.

And perhaps with good reason.

Our president is appearing more and more like a gutless empty suit, seemingly too frightened by the prospect of failure, and too in love with the gadgets on Air Force One, to pitch in and follow through on his promises. I suspect the advice and influence of Rahm Emanuel, as well as the other politicians who surround him, have played roles in his tiptoe dance through the minefield, but ultimately I suspect the actual reason is a character defect. He wants to be LIKED! If this is true, heís in the wrong job in the wrong city. He isnít twisting arms, threatening reprisals, and doing all the dirty but necessary things passing legislation requires.

Joe Lieberman.

What is there left to say? His threat to support a Republican filibuster of the already gutted health care bills moving through the Congress (much like a bad meal moving through a bowel) is unprecedented in Congressional history. The accepted form in such procedural votes is to stay loyal to the party you caucus with, and then vote against the bill in an up-or-down simple majority vote. Joe is threatening to prevent a majority vote from occurring. This makes him a degenerate; a man who professes to be an observant Jew allowing people to suffer in exchange for a little money and power. He is responding to the big insurance interests in Hartford. Go read your Talmud, Joe, and see what it has to say about what you are threatening to do. I would (more realistically) call on the re-testicled Harry Reid to strip him of his chairmanship, and assign him an office located in the basement of the Capitol, an office with no windows and steam pipes overhead. He might then be summoned to the White House, where someone would inform him that the Defense department has decided to re-locate the Submarine yard and base currently at New London, CT, to other various and sundry locations on the Eastern Seaboard.

Letís be clear. I couldnít give less of a shit about his support for Israel. I donít think Israelis think much about Joe, nor do they depend on his support for survival. As far as I can see, his support runs to advocating the useless wars we are currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. I suppose his reasoning is that if we send our OWN kids to their deaths and maiming that will prevent ISRAELI soldiers from being killed and wounded. I canít think of any OTHER reason. I guess he is at least consistent; the same reasoning seems to apply to his health care ďposition.Ē He is in favor of spending close to $190 billion this year alone on our overseas meat-grinders, but cannot find it in the rock he calls a heart to support $90 billion a year to pass a healthcare bill that will benefit Americans (sort of). He is little more than a whore, and deserves to be taken to the city gates and stoned. He was elected to do things that benefit AMERICANS. The Israelis hold their own elections.

Question: Why are we still forced to view and listen to the sound bites of Sarah Palin? I thought we were well rid of this mental midget and her dysfunctional family. She has of late been roaming the north woods of my very own home state of New York, stumping for some Neo-Nazi Conservative knuckle-walker running for a congressional seat in a heavily conservative district. This district went narrowly for Obama in í08, so the Republicans have designated this particular race as a referendum on Obamaís presidency. National exit polls have established that Obamaís presidency had absolutely no affect on the voterís decisions, but that will not sway the right wing maniacs from claiming the opposite.

Ah, well, we all knew going in that the Democrats would have about two years to clean up the fecal mess left by eight years of Republican malfeasance before the masses of QVC watchers decide to hand the country back to the very folks who created the steaming heaps of dung in the first place. Makes sense to me!

Oh, yeah, if you agree with this point of view, give Congressman Alan Graysonís office a call and express your support. Then go to his website and kick in $5 or so. Money DOES make a difference. Just ask Mike Bloomberg.

Hereís wishing you all early happy holiday greetings, and inviting your response to my opinions.

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