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Let’s start with Herr Ratzinger. It appears he has felt the full might of Jewish, and popular wrath, and is now back-pedalling as fast as his well-shod feet will carry him. We spoke last month about his ill-conceived resurrection of “Bishop” Richard Williams, a demented fool who maintains to anyone who will take him seriously (a dwindling crowd of late) that the Holocaust never occurred, and that the Nazis killed only 300,000 Jews rather than six million. I guess that makes a difference; perhaps the SS were not such bad fellows after all!

To make a long story short, the Pope has now decided that in order to be accepted back into the Church, Bishop Shit-for Brains must (in addition to other requirements that do not affect Jews) recant his previous statements concerning the remaining 5,700,000 Jews who simply went missing (perhaps they simply ran away from home en masse) over the course of five years. If he does so, he will once more a bishop be, and all will be forgiven.

As it turns out, however, it ain’t gonna be that simple. The New York Times recently reported that the La Reja Seminary in Argentina (why do they always run to Argentina?) has deprived Richie of his chair as head of the place. Furthermore, the head of the whacko congregation (the Latin American Chapter of the rambunctious Catholic Society St. Pius X), Father Christian Bouchacourt, stated that Richie’s views “do not reflect the position of our congregation.”

Very well, father Bouchacourt, what the hell IS the position of your congregation concerning not only the Holocaust, but Jews in general? For that matter, what exactly is the POPE’S position? Ratzinger was, and is, in my opinion an unrepentant Nazi.

A harsh, and reckless statement you say?


This from a the only website dealing with Ratzinger that seemed to be even handed regarding his Nazi ties:

“Joseph Ratzinger was a member of an anti-aircraft unit protecting a BMW factory that used slave labor from the Dachau concentration camp to make aircraft engines, but he was drafted into the military, and didn’t have any choice in the matter. In fact, Ratzinger also says that he never fired a shot, and never participated in any combat. Later he was transferred to a unit in Hungary where he set up tank traps, and watched as Jews were rounded up for transport to death camps. Eventually he deserted, and became a prisoner of war.”

Eventually he deserted? He deserted late in 1945 when the war was all but over. The point is, he saw the trains, knew they were filled with Jews, knew they were on their way to the gas chambers, and chose to continue to wear the uniform, and carry the rifle. In my book that makes him a Nazi, then, now, and forever. And now this piece of slime wants us to believe that he had no idea that Williams holds the views he does, and that all the newly repentant bishop has to do is mouth a few words, and he is welcome to visit the Pope at the Vatican where they can sing the Horst Wessel Song in two part harmony.

Enough. They are both Nazis. Ratzinger can meet with all the “Jewish Organizations” he wishes to, can deny all he cares to, and Williams can spout all the contrition that mendacity is first cousin to, and it won’t change my mind. There is no dealing with Nazis.

Speaking of hopeless, what’s up with the Democrats in general, and our President in particular? Are they serious about this bi-partisan thing? You can’t reason with ideologues! Haven’t they figured that out yet? The Republican Party was in full retreat, having at present a base that consisted only of Rush Limbaugh's Kool-Aid drinkers, and the state of Montana, and Obama invited them to the White house for a Super Bowl Party! Now they are full of life once more, standing as the last bulwark against the tax-and-spend Liberals who simply got lucky, and happened to sweep an election. They have managed to convince an increasing number of Americans that the last eight years never happened; that it wasn’t Bush’s tax cuts, reckless spending on idiotic wars, and deregulation that led to the current horror we now have to deal with.

I am starting to believe that Nancy Pelosi has something organically wrong with her thought processes. Condoms? In a stimulus package? How did she think THAT would play in Middle America? If you’re gonna put condoms in a package, shouldn’t it be foil? Why not hand the Republicans a baseball bat, and invite them to beat you with it. Is she aware that there are breadlines in Ohio? BREADLINES! Oh Nancy, Nancy…

Lets be clear. There is no dealing, bi-partisan or otherwise, with the Right. They have no shame, no sense of the pragmatic, do not know how to negotiate or deal. They know only confrontation and repetition. They are seemingly always trying to “get back” to “better days.” In psychology, this process is referred to as “regression,” i.e.: a return to a previous state of development, and in a clinical setting is an undesirable process. If it weren’t for two female Republican senators (and Arlen Specter) the stimulus bill would have been successfully filibustered by those guardians of your pocketbook, the Republican Party.

Such a parsimonious lot, conservatives! That is except when it comes to waging useless wars, and building interstate highways, seemingly the sole functions of a national government, according to their ideology.

Guardians of your pocketbook. Uh-huh. What happened to the billions “lost” in Iraq? The cash is still unaccounted for. Where did it go? I’d like to know. I’d very much like to know…

I guess I’ll never know, will I?

Thank you, my friends of all political stripe for your attention, and as always, I invite your response.


Dov Burt Levy's Obituary.
Farewell to a Warrior

I have followed your columns with interest these last few years, and found them insightful and courageous. I believe the name "Dov" in Hebrew means "Bear," The bear was the only animal the Lakotah tribe honored with the title "Warrior." The title, to the Indian, did not mean solely a fighter. To the Lakotah the term "Warrior meant "One who can not be forced to act against his nature." I never had the honor of meeting you, sir, but after having read your columns allow me to wish you Godspeed and peace. You were indeed a Warrior.

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