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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Plenty has occurred since the last column, most of it bad (courtesy of our soon-to-be ex “president).” This criminal clown has raised the label of “Lame Duck” to new heights. Like everything this wastrel has done in his life, he has left a train wreck in his wake. I suppose he will now retire to his silly ranch, or the two million dollar home he recently purchased (probably got a neat deal considering the current housing market). I guess he can commute between the two kennels to get to work on his legacy, plans for his presidential library (a few crayons and a cigar box might fit the bill), and enjoy a life of delusion, selfishness and ease while others deal with the consequences of his screw-ups.

No, I am not finished with the moron. ‘I’ll NEVER be finished with him. I will continue to advocate for decency by calling him every name in the book until he is dragged before an international tribunal and sentenced to be hanged for crimes against humanity. I sincerely hope he is slapped in handcuffs the minute he leaves office, even though the chances of that are practically nonexistent.

But enough of him…

We have elected a brand-new president. He is a Democrat, reputedly a liberal, and can communicate in the English language. We also have a new vice-president of similar stripe. Our new secretary of state will be the very person who opposed him so tenaciously in the primaries; a fact that speaks well for his judgment, as well as his tolerance of criticism and differing views. I fully believe that a successful leader has to actively seek opposition. He or she should never surround themselves with yes-men and a staff that spends their days wondering what their boss would like to hear rather than what he needs to hear.

I fervently hope we have elected such an executive. He’s going to have his hands full.

Did I mention that he is African-American?

I have never been prouder than I am now of my country. At long last, we have put an end to a shameful legacy that has haunted our history since the first Negro slave was put to work in our fields. The suffering, waste, death, and injustice that bigotry always engenders may now have been to some sort of purpose. The circle may now be complete.

I hope so.

To the thousands buried in graves at Gettysburg and countless other battlefields, and their commander-in-chief entombed at Springfield Illinois, rest in peace.

To Viola Liuzzo Detroit housewife, rest in peace.

To Michael, James, and Andrew, rest in peace.

To James Meredith, Rest in peace.

To Cynthia Wesler, Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins, and Denise McNair, all of Birmingham Alabama, rest in peace.

To Bobby, rest in peace.

You too, Martin.

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