Issue: 2.02 2/1/2001
by: Gary M. Cooperberg
Voice from Hebron

The "big lie" is a propaganda tool utilized to retrain the masses to believe a concept in spite of the fact that it is patent falsehood. The idea is that if you tell a lie, no matter how outrageous, often enough and to a very large audience, eventually the majority will accept it as fact.

The PLO came into existence only in 1964. Yassir Arafat was born in Egypt. Yet the lie was formulated that: "there was an Arab nation called Palestine which inhabited what is today the Land of Israel for thousands of years. The Jews came, uninvited, threw out the native Palestinians and built the new State of Israel on their land."

It matters not that such a nation never existed. It matters not that there never was a sovereign state on this territory, other than a Jewish one, in world history. It matters not that little more than a hundred years ago, American author, Samuel Clemens recorded in his diary a visit to the holy land which he found to be a barren wasteland with virtually no inhabitants. Nor does it seem to interest politicians of any persuasion that the Bible clearly states that G-d gave the Land of Israel exclusively to the Jewish People as an eternal inheritance. It predicted that the Jewish People would be Exiled from the Land. And it also predicted that G-d Himself would gather us from all over the world and bring us back to precisely this location when He sees fit to redeem us.

Many Christians over the centuries found these predictions to be so totally inconceivable as to cause them to suggest that G-d had rejected the Jews and chose a new people to receive His covenant with our Father, Abraham. With the rebirth of the Jewish State on the soil of ancient Israel and the beginning of the process of the Ingathering which has already seen Jews from all over the world returning home, these convenient new theories were completely shattered. Honest Christians are reexamining replacement theology and discovering that it was wrong. They pick up their newspapers and see a correlation with what the Bible had always predicted. A new term was coined, "Christian Zionist", referring to those Christians who have the courage to reject the falsehood of replacement theology and recognize that the Jewish People are, indeed, still the Chosen of G-d whose purpose is to become living proof of His existence to the nations of the world.

Arafat and his hoodlums are inadvertent partners with those who still seek to cling to replacement theology. If such a manufactured people can be portrayed as the legitimate inhabitants of the Land of Israel, then replacement theology can be justified and the lie of centuries can be renewed. This is precisely why we find that the Pope has such an interest in the PLO.

The leaders of the modern Jewish State are predominantly secular Jews who are happy to maintain the cultural elements of Judaism as a nostalgic identity. Yet their faith in G-d is greatly lacking. Actually it is almost "miraculous" that such people can actually believe that: the rebirth of the Jewish State immediately after the holocaust, when we were at our weakest as a nation; our success in winning wars waged against us by those who sought to completely annihilate the new born State of Israel; and the Six-Day-War of June 1967 which threatened to destroy the state, whose army felt unable to withstand the onslaught on all of our borders, yet which actually saw us redeem Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Jericho and so many of our ancient holy places, was a result of our military prowess.

Any logical person cannot help but observe the above historical facts and recognize that there must have been a greater power at work here than simply a more powerful army. There can be no doubt that all of the above were acts of G-d. But for those who choose not to believe in G-d there are all kinds of "explanations". And those who thrive on such explanations themselves cannot believe that such incredible "luck" can last forever. Thus the "pragmatic" leaders of the Jewish State have fallen prey to their own lack of faith in G-d.

How is it that a nation with such a powerful army that could defeat seven Arab nations attacking her on all of her borders, and within a mere six days, is today licking the boots of a low-life terrorist murderer, offering to give him huge parts of our homeland as blackmail payments for "protection", rather than completely routing the enemy? It is nothing short of irrational fear and lack of faith in G-d which sees a Jewish Prime Minister, the most decorated Israeli general in the IDF, declare that we cannot find a military solution to outright terror on the part of Arabs in Israel.

This is part of today's Big Lie in Israel. The other part of the lie is that we have no choice but to live with those who declare that the Land of Israel belongs to them, and not us! Where is the holy writ which has engraved this axiom within the bosom of nearly all Israeli politicians? It is this lie which led to the Oslo tragedy. And it is this lie which has even infected the alleged right wing in this country.

Peace is always the goal of the Jewish People. . . but not at any price. One does not make peace with terrorists, thieves or murderers. Paying off blackmailers does not bring peace. And it has always been a normal human reaction to respond to an attack by defending yourself and routing the attacker. If the United States of America came into existence because the founding fathers reacted to a tax on tea, not by negotiating with the British, rather by fighting a war for their independence, then how can the Jewish State presume to secure its existence by sitting down and negotiating with those who have come to take our very homeland from us?

We do not have an "Arab" problem. We have only one problem. We refuse to understand and implement our Divine Obligation. A sovereign Jewish State is not a gift, it is a responsibility. Being the Chosen People of G-d was not meant to make us into snobs. We were Chosen by G-d to fulfill a Divine Purpose. We, the Jewish People are living proof that the Bible is G-d's Word and that G-d is very real. It is our function to elevate Mankind to holiness by setting the example. This we can only do by living in our ancient homeland and conducting our lives according to G-d's


This means that no Jewish government has the right to parcel away any part of our Divine inheritance to any non-Jewish entity. . . not even for an alleged "peace". The attempt to do so not only will fail to bring peace, rather will guarantee a very bitter war.

Gary M. Cooperberg is associated with the Nir Yeshiva in Kiryat Arba, Israel
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