Issue: 2.04 4/1/2001
by: Jack Delowe
Where We Are Today

On the occasion of today's Israeli 53rd independence celebration, I thought it was important to consider where are we and where we hope to go.
It is clear by our diplomatic actions that Israel has, in principal, accepted the concept of a Palestinian people and the aspirations to an existence of some type of political entity providing they show that they are prepared to live with us in peace.

Palestinians on the other hand have not yet given up on their belligerent ambitions vis--vis Israel and will not do so until they are fully convinced that they cannot succeed in destroying the Jewish State. The Palestinians could have had the entity they desire, but they have shown that they are still not prepared to end their unreasonable demands, accept our existence and live beside us in peace. Until they understand and accept these realities, there will be no peace for either of us. Just as we accept their right to worship in freedom at sites that are holy to their religions, so must they fully recognize our right to worship at all the sites we consider holy. Israel accepted some 750,000 Jewish refugees from Arab countries without any compensation for all that these people lost. So too must the Palestinians give up on their claim to a 'right to return' and any compensation or help must come from their Arab brothers and any others who wish to help them. Surely if the Moslem world was sincere in its desires for the Palestinians and for real peace, the funds would not be a problem.

Despite the extreme rhetoric and continued violent attacks on Israel, I still believe there is a way to come to an understanding providing these conditions are met. Only then can the Palestinians build an organized and democratic community taking in the dignity of their people which will be acceptable to all and an economy commensurate with their very obvious and prodigious talent.

As I don't see a Palestinian leadership today that is prepared to seek this route, Israel must continue to be strong and do the maximum to protect its existence and the lives of its citizens. Only then will the Palestinians perhaps understand that which we have accepted - the only way to peace is by peace.

This is where we are today.
Happy 53 Israel and many many more.

Jack Delowe is a Megillah Family who lives in Israel
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