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Can This Bird Fly?
June 1, 2002

The summer is upon us and I have decided to take a vacation from my usual serious tone concerning events in the Middle East. Since the early autumn of 2001 up to the present, we have focused on the War on Terror in both the United States and Israel. Frankly, I think we need a break. When we focus on tzuris too long, we risk losing sight of the good that surrounds us. The summer is traditionally a time for vacation and relaxation and in my opinion, we owe ourselves a chance to recharge our batteries.

As I announced in last month's Megillah, the majority of subscribers indicated they would enjoy having a photo section in the newsletter that would allow us to get to know each other better. At this moment, we have over 1,500 members in our Megillah family and I for one would really like to know what you look like.

To get the new Megillah photo album started, I would like to invite everyone to submit a photo of themselves. Once we establish the initial memberís page, I will then open the album to a variety of topics such as children, grandchildren, pets, travel, simchas and the like. For now, I would prefer to receive only pictures of the individual members. I must also request that you submit all photos via email in order to expedite the design of the photo album area. It is not possible for me to scan individual photos into digital format due to time constraints. If anyone needs instructions on how to submit photos by email, click here.

Many people have written to me inquiring about my health. Although the infection is still present, it is healing nicely, if slowly. I have begun a third course of antibiotics, which my doctors feel should finally do the trick. The outpouring of concern touches me. It is at a time like this I feel especially close to my Megillah family.

We are introducing a brand new feature to our newsletter this month. Lynn Ruth Miller is an author, lecturer, teacher and all around mensch who has agreed to contribute a regular column named after one of her books, Thoughts While Walking the Dog. Each month, Lynn Ruth will share her insights, thoughts and memories with us as well as her overall view of life. Welcome and thank you, Lynn Ruth.

It has always been our goal to make the Megillah your newsletter. We welcome all original material, so you can submit either an article or story. Perhaps you could write a monthly feature dealing with a particular interest that is near and dear to you and your family. All ideas are welcome and I urge you to contact me with any suggestions you might have.

Work is proceeding on the new glossary. The graphical interface is almost complete and we will begin work on the database very shortly. Unfortunately, my recent health problems caused a delay in our progress but we will do our best to make up for lost time. We are also awaiting the arrival of new software that will make the database far more stable as well as user-friendly. We expect it within the next week.

Speaking of new software, the contributions that we have received into the Megillah fund are what make it possible for Arnold and me to afford the tools and materials necessary to create and maintain all of our Yiddishkeit projects. The Glossary, Megillah and the discussion forum require constant resources and we are extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed towards the expense of these efforts. If you have not yet contributed to the Megillah fund, please click on the links below for further information as to how you may do so. Please remember, all donations are voluntary. There is no charge for membership in the Megillah family. Donate only if you are able. Your membership is what is most important to us.

Enjoy the Megillah!

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