The Gantseh Megillah

Looking Forward With Hope
May 1, 2002

This month we are presenting a slimmed down edition of the Megillah. As some of you already are aware, I have been in the midst of a medical situation that has taken up much of my time and most of my emotional capacity for the past few weeks. Thank God, I am delighted to report that the entire episode turned out to be more of a scare than a crisis.

I had developed an infection of my right hip, which the doctors feared was a recurrence of Osteomyelitis (deep bone infection) from which I had suffered several years ago. Had this proven to be the case it would have meant major surgery and 6-8 weeks of hospitalization. I underwent two nuclear medicine scans, both of which showed that the infection had not penetrated into the bone. Nevertheless, aggressive treatment is required to prevent the infection from making deeper incursions. I will be on a course of antibiotic therapy for several weeks in order to eradicate the infection. My doctors expect me to make a complete recovery in short order.

Last month I asked the question, “Would you like the Gantseh Megillah to include a page where members can share photos with each other?” The results are as follows:
Not sure: 9
No: 17
Yes: 43

The ayes have it! Beginning next month, I will include instructions on how you can submit photos for inclusion in the new Megillah Family Photo Album.

In addition to my usual plug for donations to the Megillah Fund, I would like to inform you of a new way you may make a voluntary contribution to our efforts. Clicking on the PayPal box on our donation page will take you to their site where you can contribute to the Megillah. The instructions are plainly written and very easy to follow. For more information on the various ways you can contribute to our Yiddishkeit Web projects, please click on the link below. Thank you to everyone who has already shown his or her support with a contribution. If you have not already done so, please consider helping us maintain and sustain our efforts to keep Yiddishkeit alive on the Web.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who has sent me email messages and cards with their good wishes for a successful outcome to this medical problem. Your support and encouragement has made this matter so much easier for me to cope with.

Next month we will be returning to the regular Megillah Format including favorites such as This & That along with reviews, jokes and a variety of surprises. Both Arnold and I appreciate your understanding of why we needed to publish a shortened version of this month’s newsletter.

Enjoy the Megillah. My love to all of you,

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