The Gantseh Megillah

A Better Year Ahead
January 1, 2002

The year 2002 has arrived and we all have an enormous job ahead of us. We have to make this New Year better than the one we just experienced. There is no need for me to rehash the horribly tragic events of September 11th 2001 or to recount the ever increasing attacks on Israel by the terrorist organizations bent on its destruction. We have all been made painfully aware of what is wrong in this world. From the largest atrocities to the smallest individual injustices, the media parades these miseries before our eyes 24/7.

Our job is to find the positive and life-affirming events that occur each and every day that so often become overshadowed. We must preserve the joys, liberties and freedoms we are fighting so valiantly for. In Israel, where terrorist attacks have become almost as regular as mealtimes, a celebration or simcha is never ignored. When there is so much suffering and unhappiness around us, we must look for and grasp opportunities that allow us to appreciate life to its fullest.

At times like these it is important that we hug our children just a little bit closer. Dance at a simcha just a little bit more gleefully. Shake the hand of a neighbour just a little bit more vigorously. Applaud a performance just a little bit longer. Offer a compliment a little more freely. Share your good fortune a little more generously. Just make that little extra effort to brighten your own neighbourhood and family circle and you will see that light begin to spread itself to areas of the world far and wide.

I am not suggesting we all bury our heads in the sand and live in a fool’s paradise. I am simply pointing out that while we can and must be aware of the larger all- encompassing issues around us we must also make the extra effort when our world is suffering to ease that pain on a more personal basis. Showing love and kindness towards each other at a time when the globe seems engulfed by hatred can only weaken the hold hatred has on us. Let us never lose perspective on what it is we are actually fighting to preserve.

Plans for the new glossary and Megillah are coming along slowly but steadily. There is a lot of work and time involved and Arnold and I are doing the very best we can to get things moving along. We will be sending out a call for help soon from those of you who might be willing to assist with some of the database entry work and the like. I will send out more details as that time draws nearer. One thing I can assure you, the end result of all this work is going to be very well worth the effort.

My continued thanks of course to everyone who has seen fit to send in donations to the Yiddishkeit project. I encourage those people who have not yet sent in a contribution to please consider doing so. Your help is very much needed and appreciated. Please click on the link at the end of this message for all the details on how you can help support this work.

Please accept my wishes for a happy and most of all HEALTHY 2002.

Enjoy the Megillah!

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