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Man Of The Century
December 1, 1999

Our Still Waiting To Be Named Newsletter! Shalom dear friends,

This is the second edition of your newsletter. As you have probably noticed, it still has no official name. Since the publication of the first issue, I have received some suggestions for a name, but I would like to wait a little longer to give more people a chance to submit their choices.

We have picked up a good number of new subscribers over the past couple of weeks, and it would be nice to give them the opportunity to participate in this decision. Anyone who has not sent in their submissions, please do so ASAP. The new name will be decided before issue number 3 is prepared.

The much anticipated year 2000 is rapidly approaching. And even though the actual turn of the Millennium does not occur until Jan 1st 2001, the entire world seems bent on celebrating it a year early. So nu? Who am I to say differently. I too shall celebrate the new Millennium a year early with everyone else. No one can call me a party pooper!!

As is the norm at the end of every year, the media is filled with lists of the “top everything of the year.” This particular period has spawned more of these lists than ever. “The Top 100 Songs”, “The Top 100 Movies”, “The Top Entertainers”, “The Top News Stories, etc. One of THE most popular end of year designations is Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year”! Never has this particular distinction caused as much controversy as this years naming of the “Person of the Century.” I personally have received several email messages from people who are circulating a petition protesting the inclusion and consideration of Adolph Hitler as the possible “Person Of The Century.” The prospect of Hitler being given that designation has caused great indignation among many of us, and on the surface it is easy to understand why. I believe that the reason for this is the mis-perception of Time’s Person Of The Year, as being some kind of “badge of honour” for the recipient. On the contrary, this designation is determined by the individual or groups overall influence on the events shaping that particular period of time. It is NOT an award for great achievements, or wonderful accomplishments. The nominees are culled from those who have determined and influenced the factors that helped shape the world we live in. In the case of the reviled Mr. Hitler, no one can deny the effects his actions have had on the world’s history. He brought the entire world to war, came close to eliminating all Jews from the face of the earth, and gave new meaning to the word “holocaust” by his systematic extermination of Jews, gypsies, homosexuals and every other group of people who he had no use for. Had he not been stopped, this world of ours would have been a very different and darker place than it is today.

It is not my intention to endorse Hitler as “Person Of The Century” nor do I argue the heinousness of his deeds. I simply wish to help clear up any misconceptions as to what this designation implies. In doing some research I came across something that startled yet helped put this entire issue into perspective for me. Do you know who Times “Person Of The Year” was in 1938? ``

Adolph Hitler!!!!

I have included the entire January 1938 Time Magazine article that accompanied and explained that years decision. I think it would be interesting to learn what some of you think after reading the article. Please post any thoughts, comments or ideas (questions are always welcome, of course) in the “Forum” area of the newsletter. Nothing is as educational and enlightening as an honest exchange of ideas.

The rest of this newsletter is composed of happier and lighter fair which I hope you will enjoy. I would be delighted to receive articles or stories from any of you who would like to share them with our readers. This is your newsletter, and nothing would make me happier than to include as many of your submissions as possible.

May 2000 bring each and every one of us good health and much happiness!
My love to all of you,
Michael D. Fein

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