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February 14, 2011

Shalom My Gantseh Megillah Family and Friends,

No one writes from the heart as does our very own Eddy Robey. Eddy was the very first member of our writing team over a dozen years ago. I urge you to read her Valentine's day column in this month's Gantseh Megillah. In her current and timely piece she talks about the need for real and unconditional love on Valentine's day as well as every day of the year. There is no need for me to say anything further about Eddy's piece as her article speaks her thoughts beautifully.

I find that the word love is overused and meaningless by far too many people. There are many ways of expressing love superficially. It also seems far too simple to say "I love you" without giving a thought to what that statement expresses. True love is something that we feel viscerally. Love is not necessarily related to romance. Of course there is nothing more natural than hoping to meet someone with whom you wish to share your life, and perhaps raise a family. Love, however takes many forms and can be expressed in various ways.

The purest love of all, is the natural caring we have within us for others. Showing love to virtual strangers who might be in need comes from the depths of feeling only one human being can show another.

The Gantseh Megillah, for example, has brought love into my life when I needed it most. Although I have met very few of our Megillah family personally, the relationships I have developed over the years has brought tremendous support and caring to me, and has permitted me to offer my support and friendship to others. Some of my best friends have their beginnings with the Megillah, and for this I am truly grateful.

Since becoming ill last year the outpouring of love and concern has brought me courage, and a positive spirit towards recovery, even on those dark days when I doubted my ability to push forward. The cards, phone calls, flowers, donations and just plain human contact made all the difference in the world to me. Although I still have a long, slow recovery ahead of me, the love of Arnold, and our Megillah family continue to nurture me in ways I cannot find the words to describe.

Just know that I love all of you dearly.
Happy Valentine's Day with all my love to you,

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