Published 7/25/2010
by Eddy Robey M.A.
  Issue: 11.06
Summer Flowers
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Forget Me Nots

A gentle gaze, meant only for their lord.
Bright blue, and open to the sky above.
Clear, and ever full of hope, they look toward
Heaven. "Do please, remember us with love,"
They pray for all the children of the Earth.
Oh you, who have created many stars,
We mortals do so oft neglect the worth
Of gentleness between us. There are bars
Upon our windows, many bolted doors,
And fences 'round the meadows. Hear our need.
Let mercy heal the many painful sores:
In hearts all full of fear, and thoughtless greed.
These blossoms are the sweet, beseeching eyes,
Our world turns, to the master of the skies


A reflection of warm sunshine. Not rare,
But infinitely precious. A small child,
Will find and carry her with tender care.
Playmates and Kindergarten loves have smiled
With happiness, to receive the glad gift,
Offered freely with open heart and hand.
She spreads her beauty everywhere to lift,
The spirits of those who are willing, and
Able to enjoy the ordinary.
In vacant lot, trampled schoolyard, and lawn:
She lifts her golden head. All unwary
Of sophisticates, To the light of dawn,
She shows a puffball. Gentle breezes blow
The children of her heart, to root and grow.



Open on first light at every daybreak,
A golden head turned east to see her lord.
Always watching, from his presence to take
The warm inspiration he sends toward
His faithful little handmaiden. She will
Follow every move he makes, dancing just
A step behind the master, who can fill
All the seeds of hope within her heart. Dust
Is transformed into glitter as he goes,
And so she strains each tender petal to
Receive whate'er she can of that which flows
From his magnificence. He moves through
All her world and heart, while she gently sways
In longing admiration, and sweet praise.


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