Published 11/5/2009
by Eddy Robey M.A.
  Issue: 10.10
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We make a blessed journey through the world,

And everywhere we look the sights are grand.

Upon the grass, two small children lie curled

In soft repose. Gazing up at clouds, and

Dreaming of glories painted in the skies.

Great houses, fearsome beasts, and wondrous ships:

Float before their hopeful, admiring eyes.

Sweet sighs come from their gently smiling lips.

So many gladsome thoughts of future days,

When they may see these fantasies, "For real."

This afternoon, the air is cool, but rays

Of Autumn sun help a soft slumber steal

Across their faces. Thank-you, kindly G-d,

Who leads these wand'rers to the land of nod

Copyright 2009 Eddy Robey

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