Published 2/12/2009
by Eddy Robey M.A.
  Issue: 10.02
Love at First Sight
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The seasons are different in Southern California; we only have two of them. From April until November, our air conditioners are running on high. From November through March we have flooding rains, interspersed with dry days, which have Spring-like temperatures cool enough to make being outdoors a joyous experience.
On one of those temperate days almost five years ago, I went for a stroll with Wagsy the Chihuahua, who was still a puppy. We dawdled happily on our way to the corner, admiring flowers whilst our eyes followed the flight of butterflies stopping to rest.
Of a sudden, there was a special sight at the corner. Chaperoned by two ladies was a small blonde dog, of beautiful face, and indeterminate breed. Wagsy gave one of those whimpers by which he says, "I want," and tugged at his leash to meet the newcomer.
They sniffed a bit, and began to dance. The other owner, and I took them off-leash, and hovered cautiously while they rolled, and ran. Her name was Jeanette, and we exchanged pleasantries whilst her treasure Joey, and my Wagsy, played delightedly on the small patch of grass.
No story of love at first sight has ever been more true. The magic which happened that day led to an attachment deep, and lasting. Joey, and Wagsy are best friends, an affection which amazes, and delights all who know them.
Jeanette is a wonderful "doggy-mom", and became a friend for whom I have great respect. She, and I arranged play-dates, and sleep-overs so regularly that our "babies" became equally at-home in either house. We are both as doting as ladies of a certain age can be with small dogs, yet trust one another totally to care for our little loves.
Joey is a protective big brother, and Wagsy an adoring younger one. Sometimes they scuffle, but  instantly unite in the face of any outsiders. A pack of two since first meeting, they are a love story as precious, and certainly more real than any fairy tale. Occasionally Jeanette, or I, become preoccupied, and their time together is brief, yet it is always special.
Love is just that simple. Schedules may be uncertain, and disagreements do happen, yet trust, and affection can carry a pair through life. Any pair, for love has many forms. Just open your heart; there may be a miracle waiting at the corner.
Copyright 2009 Eddy Robey

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