Published December-11-08
Ask Rabbi Dan
by Rabbi Dan S. Wiko PhD
  Issue: 9.07
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My mom passed away almost a year ago. My dad wants me to help pick out a stone for the cemetery. Is there anything I need to know, what should be on it-etc? We are not the most observant Jews.

Go to a Jewish Memorial Headstone company (or even a secular) and ask them to show you samples of other headstones that they have sold.
1. It should have your late mother's English name; first, and last.
2. If you know her Hebrew name, that should be there as well.  Let's say that her name was Sarah, and her father's name was Jacob...........the stone should read Sarah bat Yaacov (just an example.)
3. Her date of birth, and date of death, (i.e.  January 1, 2000 - January 2, 2000.)
4. Then have it read something like this:  Beloved wife, mother, grandmother, etc.)
5. A star of David, or some symbol of Judaism, should be engraved as well.
I hope this helps you.
Rabbi Dan

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