Published May-23-08
Ask Rabbi Dan
by Rabbi Dan S. Wiko PhD
  Issue: 9.05
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Dear Rabbi,

Please advise me of what you consider to be the most authoritative religious text concerning how we as Jews reconcile psychiatric illness and genetic disorders with our concepts of G_d. If you would be so kind as to also provide your summary of what is said in and meant by that text, I would appreciate it.

Illnesses of both minor and major proportions, occurring in ourselves or in our loved ones, has always brought us to question Hashem's part in both the cause and cure. As humans, with our extremely limited view of our own reality, let alone that of Hashem, we can only question WHY?

There is, of course, an answer to that WHY but we do not have it within our scope to know it and, because of that, all we can do is petition Hashem to intervene and, having done that, come to an acceptance that this, too, is part of the Master Plan. Every illness, along with the usual and obvious; pain, grief, anger, etc., if we allow for it, also becomes an inspiration to perform the research and investigations to cure or prevent it from happening to others.

I hope that I have, if not answered your question, given you an insight into how faith in and acceptance of G-D's ways can make our days on earth somewhat easier and more meaningful.

Rabbi Dan

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