Published July-12-07
Ask Rabbi Dan
by Rabbi Dan S. Wiko PhD
  Issue: 8.06
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Why do the different denominations of Judaism hold conflicting beliefs about homosexuality and same-sex marriage?

Orthodox, or traditional Judaism, basically, follows the letter of the "law"...that it is a "sin" to both spill one's seed and to "lay with a man as you would a woman". If both those acts are seen as sinful, then marriage resulting out of that sin is totally unacceptable. Judaism allows for the feelings harbored by a homosexual but denounces as sinful when they are acted upon. Gays and lesbians who were raised in the orthodox tradition, needless to say, have the most difficulty with these "laws".

Conservative Judaism, as it does in most instances, allows for a broader interpretation of these "laws", basically accepts homosexual actions as acceptable but may or may not have an issue with same-sex marriages,

Reform is far more accepting of individual "freedoms" and, consequently, has no issues at all or, very few,

Rabbi Dan

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