Published December-08-05
Ask Rabbi Dan
by Rabbi Dan S. Wiko PhD
  Issue: 6.11
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No question, just something to add to the subject of "Jews and Jesus". I myself am a Christian, and I greatly appreciated your response, because it was accurate. But, as you said, it doesn't "engage a complete thought".

There once stood in Jerusalem a Temple where an animal without blemish was chosen to be sacrificed. The priest would lay his hands upon the animal beforehand in a symbolic gesture of placing his sins upon it.

Perhaps there was a reason why the Temple was destroyed in the year 70CE, because maybe, just maybe, that perfect sacrifice was made by G-d, and there was no longer any need for the one that was performed in the Temple. This is matter every living soul has to consider at some point.

James Hendin
Jacksonville, Florida

Judaism is a religion that is based on a complete and final set of "books" called Torah and Tanahk. Whatever is taught therein constitutes the entirety of the Jewish Faith. Subsequent commentaries, explanations and co-related material followed as a means to an understanding that if G-D wanted it in the Torah & Tanahk, it would be's absence takes it out of the realm of Jewish thought and brings it into the realm of speculation. "What if" is one such speculation.

"What if I were born taller and thinner or shorter and heavier"? It is meaningless to question the "what ifs", they are not the "what is".

Rabbi Dan

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