Published December 7, 2004
Ask Rabbi Dan
by Rabbi Dan S. Wiko PhD
  Issue: 5.11
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Yitzchak asks:

I am presently learning computers right now, not because I want to, but because I feel its important to know so I can survive, and feed my wife and children in the future. Thus, I feel like all the learning is purely lishma. I was wondering if there was a "hareini m'zamen" or something like that I could say before starting the learning.

Thank you.

Dear Yitzchak:

Torah is ALL ABOUT survival!

The purpose of observing Torah Mitzvot is to assure the survival of self, loved ones and all of humanity. Since it is necessary, in this Olum, to work and provide for food and shelter, I would consider it mandatory that, along with but not in place of, studying Torah, one should learn that which is required in order to live in this world. How you live in this world will impact on your merit in the next.

I suggest that you recite words of praise that Hashem has given you the ability to acquire an education that will provide for you and your family. A simple "thank you" for being provided with the gift of ABILITY is sufficient to show that you recognize that Hashem gave you this gift.


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