Published November 4, 2004
Ask Rabbi Dan
by Rabbi Dan S. Wiko PhD
  Issue: 5.10
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Susan Smolenski of Little Neck, New York asks:
My question is not one of religion but somewhat of tradition, or maybe just a "bubbemeiseh". I have asked several people my question, but we all have the same incomplete memory.

When setting up a new home, I remember my mother and grandma having me bring three things into the house before anything else. Bread .... salt and something else. Now that my daughter is setting up her new home for the first time, I have been searching my own memory and many others and none of us can remember the third item. (One person said sugar, and I have a very vague thought that it might be honey.)

Can you help? Thank you.

Dear Susan,

If memory serves me correctly, it was butter. However, since it is all symbolic to begin with, and yes, probably, a bubbemeiseh as well, anything that nourishes a household and, thereby, turns it into a home, should serve to make the third item.

If I might offer additional suggestions, it would be to provide the new home with an all-inclusive siddur, a copy of the Five Books of Moses, a kiddush cup, shabbos candlesticks, a Havdallah candle, a spice box and a cover for the challah........when it's there, it just might get utilized.

Mazel Tov,
Rabbi Dan

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