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Special Features
A Case for Peace
Rabbi Michael Lerner

Are We the Sheep in Wolves' Clothing?
Joe Klock Sr.

And Many More
Marlene Adler Marks

Paying to Pray
Gil Mann

The Stongest Link
Marlene Adler Marks

The Hundred Rabbi Scam
Naomi Ragen

Harry Potter and the Ashes of the Temple
Rabbi Yonason Goldson

Time Capsules
Ruth Hanna

Buddhism Blooms Amid the Forests of the Catskills
Terence Neilan

Hope Against Hope
Melvin Jules Buskiet

A Trap Israel Sets for Itself
Meir Shalev

Political Correctness or Piscatorial Polemics?
Joe Klock Sr.

A Jewish Sopranos?
Marlene Adler Marks

A Modest Proposal
Karla Hailer-Fidelman

Waiting fo a Miracle…or a Catastrophe
David Grossman

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