Rosh Hashanah 5761
  • Don’t Give Me No Easy Job!
  • Why Should I Forgive Her? She Wronged Me!
  • Count Your Change Before Leaving
  • Making a Difference, One by One
  • It Is Never Too Late
  • A Triumph of Jewish Generosity and the Human Spirit
  • Three Ways to Celebrate the Birthday of the World
  • Goodies for the New Year and All Year Long
  • exploringjudaism @home

Chanukah 5761
  • A New Twist on Tzedekah
  • December, Chanukah,
  • Christmas, and You
  • Eight Days of Giving
  • The Bumpy Road to Rita’s Bat Mitzvah
  • Our Prayer for Chanukah
  • Chanukah Cooking 101
  • exploringjudaism @home

Passover 5761
  • Matzah in Dachau
  • He Missed the Boat
  • A Kiss After Midnight
  • When Modern Plagues Strike: A Jewish Response
  • The Kaddish and the Grateful Dead
  • Passover Recipes
  • beingjewish@home
  • Paying the Ultimate Price
  • In the Midst of War

Rosh Hashanah 5762
  • High Holiday Inspiration From Beyond the Grave
  • The Power of Holding Hands
  • The Power of Forgiveness- 18 Years Later
  • An Israeli We Can All Look Up To
  • Grandma Minnie's Legacy
  • A 90-Year-Old in the Third Grade?
  • High Holiday Reflections
  • The Little Challah Baker

Chanukah 5762
  • Where Was God on September 11?
  • Lost and Found in Jerusalem
  • 16 Ways to Celebrate Chanukah
  • I Have a Little Dreidel — The True Story
  • Why Do Smart People Pray?
  • A Nighttime Prayer for Letting Go of Stress
  • Prayers in a Time of Need
  • A Lesson in Compassion

Passover 5762
  • How Have the Jews Survived?
  • On the Road With Kaddish
  • The Woman Who Mistook a Comb for a Fork
  • 100 Years of Those Little Blue Boxes
  • Finding Freedom in Russia
  • The Secret to the Perfect Matzoh Ball
  • How We Win

Rosh Hashanah 5763
  • What is Zionism Anyway?
  • The Moment
  • Running as Jews
  • Argentina: A Lesson in Celebrating Freedom
  • Facing Mortality
  • Two Resources for Families of All Ages
  • Help Israel Now

Chanukah 5763
  • The Jewish Christmas Tree
  • It Should Once Again See Light
  • One Hour A Week
  • When Your Children Cry, Do They Have Tears?
  • Woman Was First to Declare the Torah Holy
  • Connecting People of "The Book" to Books
  • Passing from One Heart to Another
  • Two Easy Ways to Help Israel Now

Passover 5763
  • The Anti-Semite in the Grocery Store
  • When Giving Enough Is Not Enough
  • The Day President Van Buren Helped Rescue Syrian Jewry
  • The Four Apples
  • A Mother Shares Her Grief
  • The First Passover Seder in Occupied Germany
  • Passing Over Our Differences
  • To Honor the Memory of Ilan Ramon

Rosh Hashanah 5764
  • A True Tale of Love Destroying Hate
  • Sparks Amid the Ashes
  • Laughing and Being Jewish
  • I Want to Belong
  • Life After Death
  • What’s in a Name?
  • The Presence of My Daughter’s Spirit
  • A New Old Tradition
  • Hands On and Being Jewish

Chanukah 5764
  • Are Jews Paranoid?
  • You Don't Have to Be a Torah Scholar
  • Am I a Jew?
  • What Being a Jew Means to Me
  • Gift of Pure Heaven
  • 13 -- More Than Meets the Eye
  • Israel and Being Jewish
  • Cooking and Being Jewish

Passover 5764
  • Why Do Jews Question and Argue About Everything?
  • Daniel Pearl’s Last Words: I Am Jewish
  • 16 Tons of Books and Growing
  • Cancer: An Unlikely Learning Experience
  • Two Great New Passover Resources You Can Use
  • Hands On and Being Jewish
  • Out of Bondage
  • Cooking and Being Jewish

Rosh Hashanah 5765
  • Returning to Judaism
  • Alone for the Holidays
  • Monday the Principal Stayed Home
  • You are Blessed
  • Tzedekah in Action
  • For His 100th Birthday They Gave Him Jerusalem
  • Books for the Holidays
  • Israel’s Shofar Master at Work
  • Giving Baseball Signals in Yiddish
  • But I do Breathe Correctly
  • I am Jewish

Chanukah 5765

Passover 5765
  • The Bible Never Happened
  • Workplace Heaven or Hell
  • In the Path of the Tsunami
  • Johnny Carson Teaches Five Jewish Lessons
  • 56 Reasons I love Israel
  • Light from the Yellow Star
  • Mackerel at Midnight: Growing up Jewish on a Remote Scottish Island
  • Hadassah Mourns Passing of Bundt Pan Inventor


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