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May 25, 2011

Shalom My Gantseh Megillah Family and friends,

The summer is quickly arriving. This is the first three day weekend of the season, and Arnold and I will be hosting our dearest friends, Tony and Susan Smolenski, from Queens, New York. Our friendship developed several years ago through the Megillah. Coincidentally, they live just a few blocks from the house in which I was brought up. Susan and Tony became one of the most important blessings of the Gantseh Megillah.

I always refer to our readers as our "Megillah family and friends." Since I have become ill two years ago, so many of you have sent cards and emails; called on the phone, sent in cash donations to help us keep the Megillah going, and offering special prayers. These are the actions and concern of family, and we love all of you.

For the summer, through the High Holy Days, we will be publishing a hybrid of both the monthly and weekly Megillah. Our regular writers will always be with us, but the main emphasis will be on current Jewish related news items. Please understand, the Megillah is not going anywhere, and our dedicated team of writers will be making fresh contributions through the summer. Temporary changes needed to be made due to my health issues, and I wanted to deliver as much as possible to you. Thankfully, my wonderful Arnold, excellent doctors and a team of home nurses who visit several days a week, I am able to remain as editor of the Gantseh Megillah.

Please have a good holiday weekend to all my American friends. Take a moment to pay homage to those fallen heroes who fought so bravely for the freedom of the world.

Talk to you again next week.

Much love,

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