Songs My Bubbe Should Have Taught Me
The Lori Cahan-Simon Ensemble

Featuring Steven Greenman, Michael Alpert and friends

As I sat quietly listening to each track of this collection, I felt my spirit tingle with Yiddishkeit.  Nothing quite stirs the “Yiddish in my soul” than the sound of Jewish music being played and sung from the heart. 

Lori Cahan-Simon has a voice that evokes both the joy and heartbreak this music contains.  She wraps her emotions around the words and kisses every note like a Yiddishe Momme kisses her child. 

When Lori sings Der Seyder as her opening selection, she sets the mood for the occasion. I could see pictures in my mind of the many times I sat with my extended family around the Seder table in my parent’s home. The warmth and love of these occasions has stayed with me all these years and Lori’s warm voice helped bring those memories to the surface once again. 

Of all the wonderful music included in this collection, two specific selections stand out most for me. 

  Lori’s haunting performance of Eliyahu Hanovi touches the soul.  The longing and hopefulness in her voice brought a tear to my eye and joy to my heart. 

The performance of Dayenu is totally original.  Lori begins this freilich song with all its boisterous and joyous rhythms and sounds intact. Suddenly her entire ensemble switches gears and swings into a wonderful Jazz-like tempo that adds a dimension to this number that heightens its already exciting mood; kudos to the entire group for this clever musical concept. 

Michael Alpert who is one of the foremost performers of Yiddish music known today assists Lori on several vocal selections. Michael is a singer, dancer and Klezmer fiddler.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he could do all of them at the same time; he is THAT versatile. 

Lori has gathered a marvelous ensemble. They work together in a way that bespeaks their love of Yiddish music and of performing it with each other. 

I highly suggest this CD to all people who have a love of Yiddish music.  Although Pesach has come and gone for this year, the music is wonderful on any day. I cannot imagine anyone listening to Lori sing without having their spirits lifted and their heart touched.

You can now hear Lori's new CD, Songs My Bubbe Should Have Taught Me; Vol.1: Passover, at: Only $15 & postage.

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