Kosher Christmas Carols


Kosher Christmas Carols truly adds a full-hearted "Ho-Ho-Ho" to your Chanukah and holiday festivities.  These are Christmas Carols with a Yiddishe tam. (I bet you never thought you would hear those two terms in the same sentence.)

This collection is not just a another satirical expression of commonly accepted stereotypes, G-d forbid.  No, these are genuine Christmas carols that any Jew can sing with lusty pride and not a shred of prejudice; well maybe just a little.  Who else but a proud Jew could turn the Hallelujah Chorus into We Will Sue ya?  No stereotypes there, right?

What made me laugh the loudest was how these well-known Christmas carols when given the Yiddishe twist, often do not relate to this special birthday the majority of the world celebrates.  As the song in this intellectually creative CD says....Goys Rule the World (Don't ya believe it.)

Kosher Christmas Carols makes a great sweat sock stuffer, and for you only, today only, if you order via the Megillah link, you will be given the gift of Chanukah gelt in the form of free shipping.

Order today, and get ready to laugh on the full 8 days of OUR holiday.


You can purchase your own copy of Kosher Christmas Carols for the price of $13.95.  Click on this link to go to the order form. PLEASE REMEMBER TO ENTER THE WORDS "GANTSEH MEGILLAH" IN THE BOX THAT ASKS HOW YOU HEARD OF THIS CD AND YOU WILL RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING!

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