Goys and Dolls
The New off Broadway (way off Broadway) Cast Recording 

            What with all the tzuris in the world today, it often seems there is precious little to laugh about. Well my friends, your humble servant is happy to report that he has found something guaranteed to cause great guffaws and riotous laughter.  I am referring to the brand new release from Silly Music Records entitled "Goys and Dolls." 

            Remember all of the wonderful music composed by Frank Loesser for the musical comedy "Guys and Dolls?" Now imagine that music with entirely different lyrics telling the story of a young Jewish man in search of his identity.  

            This is the age-old story of the grass being greener on the other side.  A nice Jewish boy believes he would be happier if he were not Jewish.  He desires to break the shackles of his overbearing family and move to Decatur, Illinois to find the shiksa of his dreams and a nice, respectable goyish life. 

            To say that his family is shocked and dismayed would be the understatement of the decade.  They had such hopes for him.  From the moment the Mohel completed the holy covenant, everyone who knew what was best for him was planning his life.  The only problem is that our hero, Jerome Schwartzberg, was busy making plans of his own. 

            Each song describes the feelings, ambitions, frustrations and hopes of the characters involved in the story.  What makes the experience so much fun is that we hear ourselves described in the lyrics as they are sung.  Yes, much of it is stereotypical and maybe even a little less than pc.  But ya know what?  I don't care.  When you listen to this collection of songs, it becomes obvious that the entire project is conceived and created with a great deal of love, respect and humour. 

            The characters come alive in our minds as we listen to them plot, plan, kvetch and lament.  The distraught mother, manipulative uncle, pushy shadchen (matchmaker) and confused son are among a bevy of characters we come to know and love.  Whether you're from Borough Park, Brooklyn, Mosholu Parkway in the Bronx, Skokie, Illinois, Miami, Florida, Tel Aviv or any other area of the world where loving, close knit Jewish families live, you will relate to the joy that is Goys and Dolls.  

            I want to share some of the enjoyment and fun I received from hearing this music with you, so I've included a few clips from the album for your listening pleasure.  Believe me; this is but a small sample of the superb and riotous songs that are included in the CD.

You can purchase your own copy of Goys and Dolls for the price of $16.98 which includes all shipping charges.  Click on this link to go to the order form. PLEASE REMEMBER TO ENTER THE WORDS "GANTSEH MEGILLAH" IN THE BOX THAT ASKS HOW YOU HEARD OF THIS CD.

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