Due to numerous requests, we have decided to upgrade and redesign the Glossary of Yiddish Words and Expressions.  Some of the new features under development include the ability to search for specific words and expressions, and the implementation of YIVO certified, transliterated Yiddish/English spelling, as well as  other structural improvements.  However, we cannot do this without your help. This will take quite a bit of time and expense and we need the assistance of our Megillah family, and visitors to this site, to help make this new glossary a reality.

Although we already commenced work,, we are instituting a fundraising drive with the ultimate goal of attaining contributions totaling $10,000.00.  It is our belief that our members, and friends, will appreciate the efforts involved in bringing this glossary to fruition. It is our hope you will respond by donating whatever amount, large or small, you can afford.  The sooner we reach our goal, the sooner we will be able to complete our work.

Thank you to everyone who endeavours to support our continued efforts to make the Gantseh Megillah, and the Glossary of Yiddish Words and Expressions, the proud instrument of Jewish togetherness it has become. It is our intention to continue improving, and growing the Megillah, long into the future. We are grateful for your help.

Michael D. Fein

2005 HannaVisioN.