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  Sharon Lynn Bear looks at life from a single's point-of-view.     Brian Corleone writes BC's Backlot and is our West Coast ear to the ground.
  Michael Hanna-Fein - Editor.
His Monthly Message opens each Megillah.
    Arnold Hanna-Fein is the Webmaster and Graphic designer for the Megillah.
  Batya Medad shares her views from the promised land.     Lynn Ruth Miller shares her meditations while walking her dogs.
  Eddy Robey contributes recipes and observations to the Gantseh Megillah.     Joel Wayne is our Outspeaker who rescues news truffles from falling through the cracks.
  Our youngest correspondent, Nathan Weissler has a keen interest in Jewish history.     Rabbi Dr. Dan S. Wiko is our advice columnist. You can look at his his bio here.
  Marjorie Wolfe looks at Yiddish foibles and culture.     Mel Yahre shares his life experiences.

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