The majority of subscribers said they would enjoy having a photo section in the newsletter. We have over 1,500 members in our Megillah family and the album allows us to know what some of us look like.   

Once you have found the photo you would like to send us, copy it to your desktop. If you are in your photo viewing program this is easily done by going to the "File" command then choosing "Save As" and then highlighting "Desktop" in the "Drop Down" list.

 Open your email program and address the email to and in the subject line type "Photo Album". In the body of the letter, tell us who is in the picture from left to right and what city and state you live in. Please indicate if you do not want us to include your email with your picture. 

Using the Insert menu, select "file attachment" and then in the "Look In" box at the top of the panel choose "Desktop."  Click on the photo you previously saved on your desktop, and then click on the "Attach" button.  Finally, hit the "Send" button and your image will be on its way to us.

Mac systems may have different names for the options, but the procedure is the same.

All subscribers are invited to submit a photo of themselves via email.  It is not possible for us to scan individual photos into digital format due to time constraints.  If you are technically adept you can enhance your photo then save it in JPEG format either landscape 640 pixels wide or portrait 250 pixels.